Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mary-san wa, nani wo shite imasu ka?

Every time I update this, I realize it's been two weeks since I've last updated.



it's funny to me that A Chorus Line production would exist with an entirely Asian cast.  I mean, the show itself doesn't take place anywhere near Asia, and might have like.. one Asian in it.  Even so...

...we can clearly see that everyone here is Japanese.

It's a robot.
As for what I've been doing recently... I've just been busy, I suppose.  Yes, that's the answer you were expecting, and that's the answer I gave, so just just just stop reading this blog.  Actually I've been listening to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" for eight hours a day, and Miyavi's most recent album, "What's My Name," for the remainder of the day.

I work in a mall two days a week... don't worry, it's the same job I've had since I got to Japan (ECC, teaching English); they have a location in the biggest mall in Japan.  Anyway, I figured I'd get there early to prep for some kids lessons and eat some food in the food court, so I got to the mall at 9:50 (it opens at 10).  Since it takes 10 minutes to talk to my job's location within the mall, I went around the side and up the stairs to be closer to it for when the mall opened.  At 9:55, a mall security dude spotted me and kept saying things to me in Japanese.  I asked if a section was open (after his spiel, it was 10 AM), and he said yes, but to please come with him.  I took me almost all the way back to the entrance to the information desk, where they sorted out that I should instead go around the other side of the mall next time.  You'd think it'd end there, but he kept asking and talking and asking and talking and asking and talking about how I managed to get into the mall, to which I SHOULD have replied that I was a ninja but I didn't.  I was eventually let go, and ended up getting to my workplace at 10:20 AM (after running to it).  Basically, showing up early ended up making me late.  Maybe some people in Japan do their jobs too well.  The good news is, I did an amazing job with the classes I taught that day.  OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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  1. Then the coolaid man busted in through the wall...